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Offering Rahanni energy healing sessions. Pendulum energy clearings and house clearings.

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Rahanni is a fifth dimensional energy that vibrates on a pink ray of light, balancing the heart center. It brings forth love, truth and compassion. It is thousands of years old but is a “new” healing modality for the Age of Aquarius. This light energy allows clearing of accumulated negative energy and blockages. Resulting in inner peace and calm. It can benefit people of all ages. Especially children with hyperactive disorders such as ADHD.
I also do pendulum energy clearings and house clearings.

Danielle made our home feel less “lived in” and more OURS. We just moved to our new home and our kids weren’t settling, sleep was restless and it just didn’t feel like our home. Danielle did a pendulum house clearing in every room of the house. In addition to that, she generously offered an energy clearing for each of us. She is warm, gentle and offers a beautiful healing and clearing of your personal space. You need to experience working with Danielle!

Niki T

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