Rahanni Celestial Healing

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Session time 45-55 minutes

Includes post session review, reflection, discussion

Paperwork to be completed before the session.


Rahanni helps to release all fear- based ways of thinking and negativity, opening up to truth, love and compassion our true essence.

This light energy allows clearing of accumulated negative energy and blockages. Resulting in inner peace and calm. It can benefit people of all ages. Especially children with hyperactive disorders such as ADHD. Children love the light.

During a session a client lies fully clothed on a massage table. Energy is channeled through the practitioner to the client using various hand positions on and hovering about the client. Most people feel relaxed and calm after a session. I have had clients say a physical issue was resolved after a session. I do recommend at least three sessions, to completely clear all the layers of negative energy and stress cumulated over a life time.

1 review for Rahanni Celestial Healing

  1. Alaine B

    My Rahanni session was calming, peaceful and I felt so energetic and happy when it was done. I experienced some very cool images during my session. Danielle is a calming, soothing soul and I recommend this for anyone!

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